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A Better Between: All Aboard the Catskill Carriage

Catskill Mountain lovers, rejoice! Gone are the days you have to get to Port Authority—and somehow find the bus departure gate—only to board a messy bus that makes a million local stops on the way to your destination. Instead, hop onto a luxury bus outside your local watering hole equipped with WIFI, a hostess, power outlets at every seat, and even a slice of pie (!)… without having to switch buses on the way to your destination, ever.

Enter, a better between: the Catskill Carriage.

Launching Labor Day 2017, the Catskill Carriage is the quickest and easiest way to get to the western Catskills. The high-end modern buses pick riders up at some of the coolest and most convenient locations in Brooklyn (NY Distilling Company in Williamsburg) and Midtown West (at Barcelona Bar.) End destinations in the Catskills include Monticello, Callicoon, Roscoe, and Livingston Manor. Of course, no transfers needed—just hop off when you’re ready.

Also included in the price is a copy of the latest Dveight Magazine, dedicated to covering the Upstate scene

At the end of your trip, buses pick up at your choice of a brewery (Catskill Brewery, Callicoon Brewing), distillery (Prohibition Distillery), or diner (Blue Horizon Diner)—depending on what town you land in. Introductory prices begin at $55 per way; book and view the schedule via

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