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A Winter Hike With Triple F.A.T. Goose

Our first winter living in the Catskill Mountains wasn’t a warm one.

This was a real departure from last year’s winter, where the only snow we experienced wasn’t in the mountains—rather, in New York City, as winter storm Jonas dumped 2+ feet of snow on the city that never sleeps. But this winter has been different. We moved Upstate to work on the design and oversee the renovation of a 1950’s motel; we also got properly “snowed in” to said motel more than once. Pair that with living in a tiny cottage with no plumbing, working in a cold construction site, and the general pain of moving… you get the idea. It’s been rough.

We’ve learned a lot of things during our first winter of mountain living. Lesson one: invest in a good pair of boots; then invest in an even better coat. Lesson two: winter hikes, while daunting, are always worth it. Lesson three: short vacations “anywhere but here” help to cure the winter blues. After our last big winter storm, Orson—which dumped over a foot of snow on us in 24 hours—we were excited to put lessons one and two into play with our friends from Triple F.A.T. Goose.


It was a successful mission. The Escape Brooklyn crew set out to Russell Brooks Falls, just outside of Roscoe New York, for a short mid-day hike in 14 inches of snow. Only about a mile up and back to the falls, the trails were empty, the birds were singing, the waterfall was gushing and in the distance the rips and roars of snowmobiles kept us company. After an initial “snowball-to-the-back” test, we really had to test the coats’ performance after slicing down a hill that we had to shimmy our way back up, to reach the falls. They passed the test! Both the Madigan and Grinnell were sturdy and performed great; plus, they’re lightweight and super toasty. The look is a throwback to the “gooses” of the 80s, but with modern colors and fits.

We got to speak to the Triple F.A.T. Goose team recently, who told us a little more about their philosophy. “When creating the F.A.T. (For Arctric Temperatures’) collection, we took elements of the original ‘goose’ jacket from the 1980s era, and updated it. The vintage 1980s color block styling is still apparent in the designs, yet they’re updated with a subtle, tonal look. The roomy fits of the 1980s have been updated to be true-to-size, and more fitted.” Also notable are the sleeves with thumb holes, plentiful pockets, and lush coyote fur hood.

Our coats passed the test for our short jaunt to Russell Brooks Falls, and we have a feeling they’ll be around for many more winters to come. For more info on the coats, check out Triple F.A.T. Goose‘s website; for more info on the hike, check out the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

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