During the past couple years, we can’t help but notice the major shift in popular culture looking again toward the great outdoors. Americans, desperate to get away from their computers and desktops, are returning to mother nature for inspiration. Popular Instagrammers with nature-heavy accounts have followers in the hundreds of millions; there’s a never-ending steam of apps and websites dedicated to the outdoors. And it’s impossible to ignore the irony of the flagship R.E.I. store on the corner of one of Manhattan’s busiest corners.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re excited about this shift–but with the onslaught of all this new information through apps and websites, how do you know where to turn?! With so many options, planning the perfect camping trip can be frustrating and confusing.

Enter Hipcamp. It’s like the AirBNB of camping, matching campers with with public parks, private ranches, farms, vineyards and land preserves to set up camp. Their super easy interface allows you to book many of the campsites directly online–but also filter criteria for your important amenities, whether it be swimming holes, bike trails, bathrooms, or pet-friendly sites. Each camping location has photos, reviews and tips. Locations are scouted by people like you and me–no more filtering through awful Yelp reviews.

Aside from all this, they perfectly capture the spirit of why we love camping in under two minutes in the video below.

They get it.