In recent years, the Hudson Valley has been transforming. As more and more artists, entrepreneurs and other expats burn out on NYC, many set their sights on their neighboring towns to the north. From Hastings-on-Hudson to Poughkeepsie, the Hudson Valley is a promise of more space, easy access to nature, and a slower pace of life. And it’s catching on. Once-sleepy towns like Beacon and Cold Spring are now bustling with tourists and locals alike, many of them commuting by train. At every turn, there’s a new boutique, brewery, bar or restaurant.

Anyone living in the Hudson Valley will tell you how much it’s changed, and most will agree it’s for the better. But as is the case with any area going through rapid growth, there’s a glaring problem: the disappearance of affordable housing. The artists and entrepreneurs, many of whom contribute to the transformation in the first place, are getting priced out.

Enter Queen City Lofts. In early 2019, the massive project is due to open, just steps from the Hudson River and the Poughkeepsie Metro-North Station. Its 70 two-story units will be available in both one and two bedroom models. Two-thirds (50) of the units will have a preference for those involved in artistic or literary activities – ranging from painters and poets to graphic artists and chefs. Rents for eligible artists range from $716 per month for a one-bedroom to $1,047 for a two-bedroom. (Please visit for a specific breakdown of rents and income requirements.)

An additional 19 units will be available to non-artists. The non-artist units will adhere to the market norms, starting at $1,099 per month for one bedroom and $1,395 for a two bedroom.

The Queen City Lofts buildings are planned in such a way foster artist growth and a sense of community. This design will capitalize on the already thriving artist community in the City of Poughkeepsie — especially in its common rooms.  The lobby of the building, which fronts on S. Bridge Street, will act as a gallery space for the resident artist to show their work at no cost. Other shared communal spaces include a maker/creative space, practice/performance rooms, and a large lounge with free internet. Additionally, residents will have access to an over 2,000 square foot rooftop terrace with stunning views of the Hudson River.

The buildings are designed and planned in a conscience and sustainable manner, and LEED certified. Queen City Lofts also boasts numerous on-site amenities: laundry, fitness room, and community rooms. Should anything ever go wrong in your apartment, a super-intendent and management office will be on-site.

That’s not all. In addition to providing homes to artists of all kinds, Queen City Lofts will be home to a (soon to be announced) 7,000 square foot brew pub. The restaurant will also feature a 1,700 square foot rooftop bar with commanding views of the Hudson Valley. It will also feature a mini-version of Green’s Natural Food Market, a locally sourced natural and organic grocery store. Kearney Realty & Development Group will be providing one year of free membership to the first 70 residents.

A few weeks ago, Escape Brooklyn snuck a peek at the Queen City Lofts while still under construction. It’s coming along beautifully; check out the gallery below! (And note: those views!)

To apply for an apartment, or for more information, contact Queen City Lofts. Looking for something closer to the city? Check out sister property in Peekskill, Lofts on Main.

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