Grizzly Bear in the Catskills

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In August 2017, Grizzly Bear took the stage for the second (and third) time in five years in Kingston, NY. Two nights in a row, the band played new material from their recent album, Painted Ruins, along with the old. Though the band formed in Brooklyn some 15 years ago, like many of ...

A Guide to Asbury Park, New Jersey

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The Jersey Shore may get a bad rap, but it’s not all clubs and partying. Located just an hour and a half from New York City, Asbury Park is quickly becoming one of the coolest destinations on the eastern coast, where the music and art scene have just as much allure as ...

The Band: I Shall Be Released

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One can only imagine what it would have been like to sit in the basement of Big Pink while Dylan and The Band recorded Basement Tapes sessions in 1967. (By the way, it was written just outside of Saugerties, NY in the Catskill Mountains.) Written that same year by Mr. Zimmerman, ‘I Shall Be Released’ was ...

The Bellfire Farm Tipi Hideaway in Roxbury, NY

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  Every summer, some 75,000 people visit the tiny hamlet of Roxbury, New York. You'd never know it though; its Main Street is a short half mile long, and only a handful of restaurants and shops are consistently open. But no matter—visitors aren't flocking to Roxbury for a bustling Main Street. Instead, Roxbury offers a quiet haven to ...

The White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock

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Most peoples' summer weekend escape fantasies usually include bicycling, swimming holes, a campfire, and great food. Throw in local live music, a weekend flea market, and a stay in a funky Victorian suite adorned in awe-inspiring detail in tribute to Jimmy Hendrix... and the "experience" at the White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock, NY can’t be topped! ...

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