One Month in Morocco

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For the month of May 2017, Escape Brooklyn contributor Brianna Stachowski traversed Morocco's many magical landscapes. From the chaotic cityscape of Marrakech to the seaside town of Essaouira; the Blue City in the mountains to the vast Sahara Desert, Brianna took photos and careful notes of her favorite finds along the way. Aside from the beautiful ...

The Utah Desert by Motorcycle

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One of the last things one looks forward to when planning to ride a motorcycle is snow. Yet, as my flight landed in Salt Lake City flurries were falling from the steely April sky, obscuring the mountains that ring Utah’s capital. I was in the state to spend a few days exploring courtesy ...

National Park Week April 16-24: Visit Any National Park For Free!

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Planning a road trip this April? Make sure to take advantage of National Park Week, with free admission and festivities at every National Park in the country, from April 16-24. See below for more details on the event, complete with photos from our own trip to Big Bend National Park last year. ...

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