Sedona, Arizona

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Forget Disney World—if there was vote on the real "most magical place on earth," Sedona would surely be a top contender. From its iconic rugged rock landscapes to its mysterious vortexes, the energy in Sedona is undeniably special. Add a vibrant arts and culinary scene to boot, and we're all ...

My American State Park Honeymoon

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Traveling is something I think most people hold dear–aside from the thrill of exploration, traveling can teach us a lot about ourselves. For our honeymoon last May, my husband Nick and I packed up our lives and headed west in search of the expansive country that we had yet to experience. Not ...

Escaping to… Arizona!

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This weather is ridiculous, it's Denny's birthday and he has some vacation time to kill. So we're packing up ship and heading to Arizona for a week! Be on the lookout for amazing photos (and hopefully, awesome stories) from Phoenix, Jerome, Lake Montezuma, Sedona and the Grand Canyon!

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