Storybook Cottage in Tivoli, NY

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Two hours from NYC, at the end of a picturesque village lane, sits the enchanting Storybook Cottage. Meticulously maintained and renovated, this beloved home in Tivoli, NY features all the conveniences of contemporary living—central air and heat, modern kitchen and bathrooms, and oversized insulated windows—balanced with a classic aesthetic that ...

Homestead 33: A Barn & Modern Bohemian Escape in Tivoli, NY

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In the village of Tivoli, NY, two rental properties sit sid-by-side on the outskirts of Main Street. Together, they’re Homestead 33: a barn and a house that share 4.5 acres of land, including forest, a pond, a creek, and multiple firepits. Separately, they’re the The Barn in Tivoli and the Modern-Bohemian Escape. And they're both wonderful. ...

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