Nestled alongside the Hudson River at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains, The Brampton is a classic lodge that balances rural isolation with contemporary comfort. A recent invite for a weekend in the woods had me headed north via motorcycle to take advantage of roads a far cry from NYC’s traffic-clogged pavement.

Being located about 4 hours from Brooklyn, an early question was how worth the time in the saddle the spot would be—especially with the Catskills and Poconos accessible in half the distance. Yet, once on the road, that doubt quickly faded. The trip up—purposefully avoiding highways, focusing instead on smaller county roads—was beautiful, a lazy survey of the increasingly remote upstate countryside. And once in the Adirondacks, one realizes how everything is upped a notch from NYC’s closer mountain cousins—bigger peaks, cleaner air, smoother roads and far, far more space to get blissfully lost. Plus, 20-minutes from The Brampton’s doorstep lies the 32-mile long Lake George, dubbed the “queen of American lakes.” The Brampton offers excursions on the lake via their speedboat, which is kept at a nearby marina.

After a Saturday afternoon arrival, co-owner Jeff Lee led a two-wheeled tour to a favorite area swimming hole, followed by a dinner heavy on local ingredients at wine & tapes spot barVino in nearby North Creek. Hopping back on our bikes, we ended the evening at Snake Rock, a swimming and fishing spot on the Hudson, where we shot the shit with local fishermen while watching the clouds cast their reflection upon the lazy river.

brampton split 3

Unfortunately, fantasies of an uninterrupted Sunday spent motorcycling around Adirondack State Park were dashed by downpours. Yet, the wet weather provided ample opportunity to explore The Brampton’s 3000 square foot, 6-bedroom property. The spot sleeps up to 20 comfortably, includes a screen-porch-enclosed hot tub, dual fireplaces and fair weather amenities such as a fire pit, grill and platform-based, secluded outdoor bedroom, complete with private outdoor shower.

brampton outside
B8brampton split

During a brief break from the rain, we ventured out—via car, thankfully—to check out the nearby Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course. Despite the unfortunate, overly energy-drink-slugging name, the spot offers an incredible array of airborne obstacles, zip lines and tree top courses, all built seamlessly—and unobtrusively—into the surrounding forest. After watching a few brave souls spending their afternoon getting pelted by rain while 70 feet above ground, we bailed for a touch of class via area resort, The Sagamore. Built in the 1880s, the spot has long been a destination for well-heeled New Englanders summering in style. Or, for those of us keeping thrifty, a grand spot to sneak in and snap some shots of the dark, rain dappled lake.


The town of Lake George offers a great contrast to the Sagamore’s crowd, with their teak decks and pressed khakis. Lined with ice cream parlors, cheap eats and hilarious, kitschy shops, it’s a great spot to indulge in some summer calories and shop for quirky tees that’ll garner many an approving nod back in Brooklyn.
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Come Monday morning, the rain had passed, leaving cool, clear skies and abundant sun. The lake was calling, as were the bevy of nearby hiking trails. Yet, also calling was “real life” in the City. After packing, firing up my engine and pulling out onto the road, I found myself already daydreaming of the need for a repeat visit.