It already feels like forever ago, but 20-ish brave campers came out to our last camping trip despite a shitty forecast. It was amazing. About half of the campers arrived Friday, then we had some stragglers make it in time for the Saturday afternoon hike. Before the hike though, we had an epic tubing session whose highlight was probably Nick falling off his tube multiple times. (Sorry Nick!) With that, here’s a list that pretty much sums up the weekend:

  • Best overall camper: Karri for showing up from with a keg from Peekskill Brewery and setting up a fellow camper’s tent in the dark. Bonus points for hair.
  • Worst outdoorsman with the best attitude: Nick
  • Most graceful tuber: Daisy
  • Most loyal Brio’s patrons: Marcia and Gary with four trips to Brio’s!
  • Sorest loser of stupid drinking game: tossup between Erin and Alyssa
  • Most determined to get to Phoenicia despite missing the last bus there: Kelly

Video will be attached to this post very soon, but for now, here are some photos. Thanks to all who came out! We had a blast! While camping is kinda out of the question now (it’s already 30’s in the Catskills at night, wtf?!), there’s talk about a mega-cabin-trip/hotel-takeover soon, so stay posted for that and be sure to email us if you’re interested.