A Guide to Beacon, NY

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When people ask us where to take a day trip, we always recommend Beacon — and when they ask us where to spend a weekend off the MetroNorth, we always recommend Beacon. The city has been an Escaper’s destination for well over a decade, with top-notch shopping, hiking, ...

Phoenicia Flea Schedule 2017

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Summer is here again, and that means flea markets! If you've been following us for some time, you already know Phoenicia Flea is one of our faves. Check out the schedule below and plan a trip Upstate around this curated market, featuring makers and merchants from the Catskills, Hudson Valley, and beyond. ...

A Peek Inside the Treehouse at the Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn

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A few years ago, Escape Brooklyn visited Urban Cowboy, cozying up in its Brooklyn-backyard cabin in lieu of going Upstate. Tucked behind a 3-story residential building in Williamsburg, the Urban Cowboy's Kanoono Cabin is best described as "rustic luxury," with beautiful reclaimed wood floors, a claw foot tub, a potbelly wood stove, and antiques to impress the most ...

Mulled Wine Recipe

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New Yorkers are on "historical blizzard" notice until Wednesday. I just got home from our office closing early–it's ugly out there. There are lines around the Trader Joe's in Cobble Hill and I witnessed a fight break out at the Key Foods in my neighborhood. But I can't help but be really ...

Holidaze & Stovetop Potpourri

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Originally posted December 13, 2013. Every year around the holidays I go a little nutty. Nostalgia paired with an obsessiveness for perfection completely overcomes me. The moment Thanksgiving dinner is over, I can listen to Christmas music for month straight without stopping and my tiny New York apartment begins to resemble the ...

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