Neversink River Resort: Camping & Event Space in Godeffroy, NY

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80 miles from NYC, the one-of-a-kind Neversink River Resort is equal parts campy throwback and modern hospitality — striking a perfect balance for lovers of the outdoors. Following a recent renovation from NYC-based Time Studio, Neversink River Resort’s facelift hits all the right notes — pristine bathrooms, and thoughtful amenities — while preserving the vibe that made camp “cool" in the first place. Perfect for events of all sizes, grounds can accommodate up to 300 total guests in 22 cabins, and 3 yurts — plus camping and RV sites.

Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, NY

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Not to to state obvious, but here at Escape Brooklyn we appreciate both ends of the travel perspective, from campy lowbrow to luxury highbrow. And though this property is mostly the latter, it's rare to find someplace that combines both. But alas, we did! Just two hours from New York City in Port Jervis, ...

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