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A Chat with Lis Bar in Kingston, NY

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In the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, drinking and eating options in the city of Kingston, NY continue to expand.In October of 2018, Lis Bar opened in the midtown area of Kingston, joining a few other small businesses in a growing community.Escape Brooklyn caught up with proprietors Patricia ...

Gatherwild Ranch in Germantown, NY

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  Situated on 15 acres of lush farm land, a cozy valley of imaginative accommodations make up the Gatherwild Ranch. Located in Germantown, NY, owner Laura Sink transformed a former apple orchard into a unique glamping retreat boasting four luxury tents, two cabins, and a tipi. Whether you're traveling with a ...

A Daytrip to Harriman State Park

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Did you know: New York's second largest park is just 30 miles from NYC? Harriman State Park is a haven for hikers, cyclists, and lovers of the outdoors. Known for its 31 lakes, it also features 200+ miles of hiking trails, along streams, woods, and beautiful vistas of the Hudson ...

Eat & Stay: Foodie Getaways in Delaware County, NY

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Two hours from New York City, farmland is abundant in the Western Catskills, where rolling hills meet lush valleys to create ideal conditions for growing produce and raising animals. Delaware County's villages are few, tiny, and spread out—but in the past couple years, places like Andes, Bovina, Bloomville, and Delhi have become foodie ...

Try These 5 Upstate Farm-to-Table Restaurants

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In spite of its proximity to one of the world's largest urban centers, the landscapes of Sullivan Catskills are ripe for farming. And it's got the restaurants to prove it. Following the explosion of the farm-to-table movement, chefs across the country (Brooklyn, anyone?) are opting "local." Though the reasons are numerous—i.e., it tastes ...

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