Let’s be honest here: on the surface, Escape Brooklyn featuring the Urban Cowboy is pretty easy to give the ol’ eyeroll. It is a bed & breakfast, in Williamsburg–reason in itself for audible grumbles–but it also has a pretty ballsy name. The Urban Cowboy: with a name like that, you better deliver.


Interior of the Kanoono Cabin at the Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn.

And deliver it did. Every vintage Native American blanket, and southwest antique felt right at home. As “over the top” it seemed, there wasn’t a single bit of pretentiousness about the place. Guests are invited in, handed a beer, and set free to nest in their rooms or hang out in the common space.

Owner Lyon Porter opened up in 2014 after buying the place the year before. The original plan was to create his dream house for his family, but after a trip to Playa Maderas in Nicaragua, Lyon was inspired to create his dream house and share it with others. Although he hosts travelers from all over the world, Lyon hopes that the Cowboy–especially the cabin–would be used as a getaway for New Yorkers without having to go far.


The common space at the Cowboy has a large kitchen, and lots of hangout space.

Add the amenities of an upstate cabin (like outdoor hot tub, wood stove, a big cozy bed and perfectly designed rooms)–to the luxury of being in Williamsburg (food delivery, public transit–easy access to pretty much anything)–and you’ve got yourself a really good thing. No hipster or non-hipster should hang his head entering the Urban Cowboy. Friends, readers, New Yorkers, travelers–if you wanna get an upstate vibe downstate, or you’re just in need of a staycation, the Kanoono Cabin is a wonderful place to be. And if that’s booked the rooms starting at $150 a night ain’t bad either.