Beach & Bay Bungalows in West Hampton, NY

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This magical retreat (rentable via StayMarquis) is one of the Hamptons' last affordable getaways, where eight adorable bungalows sit facing Moriches Bay, steps away from a private beach. Each bungalow is connected through a series of boardwalks heading to the water, perfect for sunset watching and easy mornings on the hotel's complimentary stand-up paddleboards. S

Fireplace Farmhouse in Brookhaven, NY

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Built in 1815, the Fireplace Farmhouse originally served as home to 4 generations of a local family and the trout farm they owned & operated – as well as the town’s first Post Office. These days, the rental boasts 5 spacious bedrooms, a fully-outfitted country kitchen, large open living room, dining room for 12, indoor solarium, study, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, outdoor shower — and 5 wood-burning fireplaces, from where it draws its name.

An Off-Season Guide to Montauk, NY

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The sleepy town of Montauk is 120 miles from New York City, on the easternmost end of Long Island. Long hailed as the "anti-Hamptons", the chichi-ness of the Hamptons is slowly creeping in—but nonetheless, the fishing town still maintains its rough, rustic charm. Affectionally known as "the end of the world," Montauk is home to ...

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