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Narrowsburg, NY


Narrowsburg is a picturesque town sitting on the Delaware River between the Catskills and Poconos.  Over the past couple years, the town has blossomed into quite the artsy community and we’ve enjoyed watching it grow as such. Main Street, though small, has everything you’d hope for: an ex-Vogue/W editor’s boutique, a gorgeous antique garage/bee farm, and some of the best food on the west side of the Hudson. We’re not lying!

The drive into the area isn’t bad either; expect lots of peace signs and doves painted on the sides of barns because not far away was the site of Woodstock (in Bethel.) Speaking of the drive, on the way back, make a little extra time to hit Route 97 through Barryville and then along the Delaware; a portion of this drive is called The Hawk’s Nest and features the crazy-winding road along the Delaware River pictured above. On the way back, the road dumps you into Port Jervis, where you can catch Route 23 though New Jersey all the way home on back roads, though High Point State Park and past multiple great farm stands.

We recommend you do drive, because that’s half the fun… but to save money, take the bus to Monticello or Port Jervis and rent a car in either location. However, our favorite lodging locations here are super affordable, so you should consider coughing up the dough for the car!

Where to Stay in Narrowsburg: A Vintage Trailer, or a Tiny Cottage in the Woods

airstream outside

Local artist, community activist and ex-New Yorker Tina Spangler owns two rentals that we really  love. Sharing one large back yard, stay in the vintage airstream for the ultimate glamping experience, or her retro-perfect cottage, which sleeps four. Or hell, rent out both and bring some friends with tents for the big yard!

The vintage airstream, rentable via Airbnb, is like a step back in time. Perfectly decorated with kitchy stuff from the 50’s, no detail has gone overlooked. Bring your own stuff for grilling, and cook over the mini grill or the campfire. There’s plenty of room for food storage, and no properly running fridge (we brought a cooler), but it’s equipped with a gas stove. There’s tons of great-smelling candles and a lantern to light the place up, but be sure to bring a flashlight! Also, there’s no running toilet (though there is a bathroom with a bucket and a closing door) so prepare to pop a squat out back. The best part: the trailer goes for $75 a night, and you can do one-night stays.

If retro-hillbilly-glamping isn’t your style, Tina’s vacation cottage is fantastic as well. In true Tina-style, each detail of the cottage is carefully picked and curated so it feels like you’re stepping back in time. The retro kitchen is especially cute. The walls are adorned with vintage postcards of the area, and even an original Red Ryder Gun! (Just don’t shoot your eye out, kid!) From Tina’s place, the drive into town is only five minutes. Be sure to check out Main Street.

What to Do: Hiking, Tubing, and Antiquing Along the Delaware River

around town delaware water gap

 If you want to do a hike, drive 5 minutes to Tusten Mountain Trail, with awesome views of the Delaware River and remnants of an early settlement right before the 600 foot ascent. The hike isn’t exactly a stroll in the park, but it’s not bad either. The region is pretty watery though, so make a point to either kayak, tube, raft or canoe down the Delaware River while you’re here. Landers River Trips has you covered on all of those things for really reasonable rates ($12-26.) For just tubing, 15 minutes away from Tina’s properties is Lou’s Tubes at an unbeatable $6 per day. Tina just purchased a chunk of land by the nearby creek, too! For a laid back afternoon, feel free to explore and enjoy the creekside chairs and firepit. And bring your swimming trunks for the swimming hole!

The shopping in Narrowsburg is great, as well. There’s a couple of must-visit stops while you’re in town: Maison Bergogne, the beautiful antique garage, owned by a lovely couple who dabble in a little bit of everything. Aside from the antique garage, Annie makes incredibly beautiful furniture under the name of Woolheater Wares for bars, restaurants and boutiques in the city. And if that isn’t enough, they’re also beekeepers! Nest is another must-see while in town; opened by ex-Vogue and W design director, Anna Bern, this boutique was inspired by her travels around the world. It’s packed with beautiful clothing and accessories, kitchen supplies, taxidermy and home goods in one perfectly curated space. Of course, there’s tons of other little boutiques and junk shops worth checking out, but these two our are favorites.


Last, though it’s nice to relax and unwind, if something is going on in town–it will almost certainly be arty–be sure to check it out! One place to check for events is Mildred’s Lane; from my understanding, this is an art community that frequently hosts open houses, art shows and epic bonfires. We were lucky enough to make it for Pig Mountain, a giant food festival in August. In September, Narrowsburg hosts the Big Eddy Film Fest, showcasing indie films from around the world. Be sure to check the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance website, too, for event listings at the Tusten Theatre in town including the film festival, jazz nights, plays and more. Lastly, check out the community calendar here for more ideas.

Where to Eat & Drink in Narrowsburg: Farm to Table Restaurants Overlooking the Delaware River


Great for brunch, lunch or dinner, or just drinks, head to The Heron on Main Street for a very Brooklyn atmosphere and amazing farm-to-table food. Almost everything is sourced locally and cooked to perfection, and the staff is super friendly. Be sure to check out the back patio if the weather is warm, which overlooks the Delaware River. The newest addition to town is pizza joint The Laundrette, who’s serving wood-fired, sour-dough pizza. A super experimental menu (i.e. bahn mi and saag paneer pizzas) and its amazing riverside location make it a great dinner spot.

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