Is it just me, or does it seem like flea markets are popping up everywhere?! It’s no surprise though–considering it’s a great way to bring together the community to showcase local artisans, vintage, and even those sometimes-junky and wonderful yard-sale style booths… Given the success of the Brooklyn Fleas or the Silverlake Flea Market in Los Angeles,  it seems like a no-brainer for smaller communities to start their own, both for tourism, but the community’s locals.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently asking me to pass on these flea markets, and I’m more than happy to. (If you’d like to be listed, please contact us.) Also, make sure to plan the rest of your day or weekend around the fleas by checking out what each community has to offer. Most fleas in these locations are pretty small. Luckily we have you covered because we have been to all of these places!

In Hudson, the Hudson River Exchange is a massive one-weekend-only event on June 28th & 29th. From their website: “Seek art, design, and sustainability for objects MADE + COLLECTED.  We produce curated events for MAKERS + COLLECTORS. Locally source talent in all disciplines of creativity and provide platforms for COMMERCE + EXCHANGE outside of individual studios, workshops, farms, and kitchens. We ourselves as makers will continue to create, contribute to build our creative community and evolve the mercantile history of the Hudson River.”

In Phoenicia, the Phoenicia Flea takes place July 2 and July 27th from 12 pm-8 pm. From the Graham and Co. website: “Collection of artisans from the Catskills, Hudson Valley and Beyond.”

In Hastings, the Hastings Flea takes place on second Sundays (June 8, July 13, August 10, September 14 and October 12.) From their website: “As a way to showcase Hastings’ own incredible talent and taste alongside fellow Hudson Valley artists and curators, the Hasting Flea was founded to bring together the best handmade jewelry and unique crafts, along with vintage and antique home goods and furniture. Join us for crafts, home and furniture finds, fun and friends in one of the most beautiful villages and best communities on the Hudson! ”

In Newburgh, Newburgh Urban Market just had it’s opening weekend. Happening 2x a month, for dates check their website. Check out our Beacon post here, or read more about Newburgh in our article for Green Door Magazine about it! From their website: “There is a creative movement happening in the City of Newburgh now, and we think the city should have its own market. At its peak, Newburgh had a bustling downtown full of shops, department stores, and even a trolley. People could walk to the local butcher, grocer, or theater. Urban renewal has taken businesses and the people that visited them out of the heart of Newburgh. We want to bring you back. We want to help people rediscover what shopping and walking in downtown Newburgh could be like. Our goal is to be a launching pad for businesses to eventually open up a brick and mortar shop. Newburgh is a urban city, so bike, walk, take the train, and yes bring your car. Newburgh can be a booming prosperous city once again! The desire is there. Help us fill the need.”