A Guide to Hudson, NY

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Hudson, NY is the perfect town for your maiden voyage upstate — in fact, it was ours! This once "sleepy town" now brands itself the "downtown of Upstate" with 200 independent establishments including antique and boutique shops, hotels, art galleries, restaurants and bars, mostly along Warren Street. Visually, this charming town is a treat, delighting visitors and aesthetes with its stunning and Wes Anderson-esque architecture. The restoration of some 300 historic buildings in two square miles makes it one of the historically richest, and most diverse architectural cities in New York State.

A Guide to Peekskill, NY

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Peekskill, NY is a small and charming city on in the Hudson River Valley, just 50 miles north of NYC. Over the past couple years, more and more daytrippers are making the short trek to Peekskill, thanks to its beautiful waterfront, easy access to trails, and cute, walkable town. ...

The Stewart House in Athens, NY

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  Some hundred miles upriver from New York City, the historic village of Athens, NY dates back to 1815. Tucked into its historic riverfront, one of the oldest and grandest hotels in the Hudson Valley, Stewart House, has just reopened for business as a beautiful boutique hotel, pub, and restaurant. Whether ...

A Shopping Guide to Kingston, NY

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Years ago, Escape Brooklyn first created a guide to Kingston, NY inspired by a trip to its downtown area. Retail pioneers Kingston Wine Co. had just opened shop there, with a handful of others including Milne, Hops Petunia, Brunette Wine Bar, and Clove & Creek. Nowadays, the "downtown" area of ...

A Guide to Buffalo, NY

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On the far side of the state, New York's second largest city is a mere one hour flight from NYC. Thanks to its proximity, plus its mix of architecture, food, public parks, landmark waterfalls, shopping — and yes, its chicken wings — Buffalo is a totally weekend-worthy jaunt. It's not ...

Sedona, Arizona

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Forget Disney World—if there was vote on the real "most magical place on earth," Sedona would surely be a top contender. From its iconic rugged rock landscapes to its mysterious vortexes, the energy in Sedona is undeniably special. Add a vibrant arts and culinary scene to boot, and we're all ...

Fort Collins, Colorado

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On short notice, my husband Kai and I decided to visit my folks out in Fort Collins, Colorado. We make the trip out west once to twice a year, because besides our family, it’s one of our favorite places to visit. Colorado is one of those states with countless destinations–some of the ...

Flea Markets: now everywhere!

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Is it just me, or does it seem like flea markets are popping up everywhere?! It's no surprise though–considering it's a great way to bring together the community to showcase local artisans, vintage, and even those sometimes-junky and wonderful yard-sale style booths... Given the success of the Brooklyn Fleas or the Silverlake Flea Market in Los Angeles,  ...

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