A Guide to Beacon, NY

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When people ask us where to take a day trip, we always recommend Beacon — and when they ask us where to spend a weekend off the MetroNorth, we always recommend Beacon. The city has been an Escaper’s destination for well over a decade, with top-notch shopping, hiking, ...

The Best Spring Day Trips from NYC

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After being cramped up indoors for so long, isn't it so incredible to be able to walk outside without immediately freezing in place? (Yes. The correct answer is yes.) Soon after the winter thaw and warmer temperatures, the blooms open up and the countryside bursts back to life, and we're all looking ...

Sleeping Giant, CT

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A few weeks ago, some photographer friends and I rented a car and went in search of spring blossoms and fresh green leaves. Instead, we were enchanted by the wonderful ‘Sleeping Giant’. After a quick stopover in Westport for brunch, Sleeping Giant, with its riverside location and bemusing ruins, was quite a lovely ...

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