A Guide to Hudson, NY

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Hudson, NY is the perfect town for your maiden voyage upstate — in fact, it was ours! This once "sleepy town" now brands itself the "downtown of Upstate" with 200 independent establishments including antique and boutique shops, hotels, art galleries, restaurants and bars, mostly along Warren Street. Visually, this charming town is a treat, delighting visitors and aesthetes with its stunning and Wes Anderson-esque architecture. The restoration of some 300 historic buildings in two square miles makes it one of the historically richest, and most diverse architectural cities in New York State.

A Guide to Cold Spring, NY

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Sunrise over the Hudson River near Cold Spring, NY. All photos by Erin Lindsey/Escape Brooklyn. Cold Spring, NY is one of our favorite daytrips from NYC. An hour on the MetroNorth puts you right in the heart of town and its scenic, walkable Main ...

A Guide to Peekskill, NY

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Peekskill, NY is a small and charming city on in the Hudson River Valley, just 50 miles north of NYC. Over the past couple years, more and more daytrippers are making the short trek to Peekskill, thanks to its beautiful waterfront, easy access to trails, and cute, walkable town. ...

A Guide to Kingston, NY

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  Two hours from NYC, the Hudson River Valley town of Kingston is situated at the base of the Catskill Mountains on the Rondout Creek. As the original capital city of New York, it's loaded with history and incredible architecture — plus, a very vibrant art community. Like many Hudson Valley towns, ...

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A Low-Key Guide to Miami, FL

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  I know exactly what you're thinking: low-key Miami? That's like an oxymoron, right? Yes, in a town overflowing with fancy beach hotels, cheesy nightclubs, and rampant self-absorption, it's easy to dismiss Miami as a place with #zerochill. However, with some careful maneuvering, Escape Brooklyn founder Erin Lindsey and travel buddy/sommelier/wine writer ...

A Guide to Hudson, NY

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Planning a trip to Hudson, NY? Use our curated travel guide to Hudson for recommendations on the best spots to eat, shop, stay, and play.

The Deer Mountain Inn in Tannersville, NY

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  The Deer Mountain Inn is the perfect weekend retreat from NYC. Typically we post dining, drinking, and outdoor activities recommendations in every location we visit—fortunately, the Deer Mountain Inn has all of that on-site. (It's all fantastic, too, which makes our jobs way easier.) The six-room inn is about a 2.5 hour drive from ...

Lake Placid in the Adirondacks, NY

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My husband and I were feeling anxious to get out of the city. I'm a photographer, and it was pre-wedding season, so we had some time to kill. After doing some quick research, we found dog-friendly modern boutique hotel, The Lake House at High Peak Resort, in Lake Placid, New York. We packed ...

The Dogfish Inn in Lewes, DE

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Delaware was the last place we ever expected to vacation. It’s not that it seemed uncool, or too far–it’s just that it was completely off our map. As the famous scene in Wayne’s World so eloquently depicts it, most people have no idea what to think about Delaware. I don’t want to bullshit anyone, so I’ll ...

A Guide to Phoenicia, NY

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Phoenicia, NY is a beautiful and sleepy little town in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Between its scenery and proximity to NYC, it can get touristy–especially in the summer. But with only a handful of hotels with small capacities, Phoenicia holds its own with awesome, friendly locals and weirdo ...

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