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A Weekend at the Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club

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  In September 2017, Escape Brooklyn paired up with the Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club to bring a group of strangers together for a weekend in the woods. We came, we drank, we ate and made new friends; we fished, sauna-ed, swam, and canoed. Thanks to all those who came! Keep ...

The Outlier Inn in Woodridge, NY

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Part Airbnb, part farm, and part music studio, the Outlier Inn in Woodridge, NY is one of the most inspiring weekend getaways New York has to offer. Whether it's the geodesic dome for a yoga retreat, or a tiny cabin to hunker down and write an album, each space is totally unique and designed to inspire ...

A Guide to North Branch, NY

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Just over the two hour mark from New York City, the North Branch Inn is an unlikely hotspot located in a tiny hamlet of the Western Catskills. Drawing in locals and tourists alike, weekends are especially busy here — whether its for a drink, a bite to eat, or ...

MILK BARN in Hankins, New York

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  Nestled in the hills of New York’s Sullivan County and the at the heart of the scenic Delaware River Valley, the MILK BARN is an extraordinary rental property just two and a half hours from New York City. The converted barn and its two guest houses, which sleep up to ten people, ...

The Arnold House in Livingston Manor, NY

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  The Arnold House is a nine-room hotel just outside Livingston Manor in the western Catskill Mountains, just two hours from New York City. For such a small town, we found ourselves much busier than usual. Though it was hard to pry ourselves away from our cozy room, we still managed to squeeze in a farm ...

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