As new residents of Roscoe, New York, we’re intrigued by all our new neighbors—be it a carpenter, campground owner, a fisherman, distiller, or even an alpaca farmer. Though it had been high on our to-do list, we happened upon Buck Brook Alpacas by accident, and pulled in to the farm just hoping to catch a glimpse of the goofy and adorable animals. Following the signs to the gift shop, we met a friendly woman named Kathy who offered to show us around the farm; after chatting for a bit, it turns out Kathy was the matriarch in the family that owns and runs Buck Brook Alpacas.


Located in Roscoe, New York, the farm officially opened its doors in 2013. The farm was started for several reasons—but the main reason was their love of animals. After mentoring at Nature’s Reserve Alpacas in Callicoon, the Kara and Justin McElroy fell in love with the gentle, curious and beautiful alpaca. At about the same time, they came across the opportunity to purchase a picturesque piece of property at one of the highest peaks in Sullivan County… The farm, home to the Bestenheider family for over a hundred years, was picturesque and serene. And the landscape was a perfect place to raise alpacas.

These days, Buck Brooks Alpaca Farm produces high quality luxury fiber comparable to cashmere—it’s warm, lightweight, hypoallergenic and water resistant. The farm produces as much yarn as possible at local mills in Sullivan County and New York State, creating blankets, rugs, hats, scarves and many other accessories that are available for purchase at their farm store… and also, online!

Wanna visit the farm? Set up an appointment by emailing, or calling (845) 807-3104.

Buck Brook Alpacas, 99 Bestenheider Rd, Roscoe, NY 12776