Q&A: Tinker Street Tavern in Woodstock, NY

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Amid a global pandemic, Tinker Street Tavern opened in July 2021. Aesthetes will find the space delightful; not a single opportunity to pay homage to the bar’s musical history was missed. The historic property was once owned by Albert Grossman — who managed Dylan, The Band, Janis Joplin and Todd Rundgren to name a few.

Before & After: Camp Caitlin

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Caitlin Cowger, owner of Camp Caitlin, has a piece of advice when it comes to buying your Upstate dream home: “Don’t look for the house of your dreams. Renovate the house of your dreams.”

DIY: Picture Frame Wainscoting

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I recently moved upstate into a house with Very Boring Walls: bare except for the baseboards and some generic moldings around the doors and windows. The walls were beige and mint, and looked cookie-cutter and boxy, which — in this early aughts saltbox pre-fab — they were. They needed personality. So, with no previous experience and having never before used a saw, I decided to add some wainscoting. I had a tiny budget and no professional help, but installation was easy enough. The finished effect gave the walls texture and allowed for more color, pattern, and finishing options for each room. In short, they look incredible, and now the rooms practically beg for martini hour.

Artist & Designer Marcie Paper, on Making Murals from Daily Memories

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In a time of blandly Insta-generic wall art, Marcie Paper’s patterned murals buck the trend. The Hudson Valley painter layers and repeats abstract motifs—like delicate spindles and bulbous pear shapes—to mesmerizing effect, drawing inspiration from personal memories, vintage textiles, and her own small-scale paintings. The results are absorbing, highly detailed works of art that reveal themselves the longer one looks. Below, Paper discusses her relationship to memory and meaning, painting and patternmaking, form and function—and why she loves living upstate.

Escape Brooklyn Upstate Decor Gift Guide

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It’s gift guide season, and your social media feeds are stuffed with gift suggestions for all the personalities in your life: the tech nerd, the skincare enthusiast, the home cook, your boss, your brother-in-law on an ashram in Canada... But there’s one persona those lists have overlooked: your friend/partner/co-worker with a penchant ...

Shopping: A Design Lover’s Guide to Livingston Manor, NY

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Livingston Manor has become a design lover’s destination. The Sullivan County hamlet was already drawing crowds pre-pandemic—thanks to its proximity to hikes and streams as well as restaurants and boutiques—but with The Great City Exodus of 2020 came a ton of new visitors and homeowners to the area, and the stores ...

A Shopping Guide to Kingston, NY

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Years ago, Escape Brooklyn first created a guide to Kingston, NY inspired by a trip to its downtown area. Retail pioneers Kingston Wine Co. had just opened shop there, with a handful of others including Milne, Hops Petunia, Brunette Wine Bar, and Clove & Creek. Nowadays, the "downtown" area of ...

Eat & Stay: Foodie Getaways in Delaware County, NY

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Two hours from New York City, farmland is abundant in the Western Catskills, where rolling hills meet lush valleys to create ideal conditions for growing produce and raising animals. Delaware County's villages are few, tiny, and spread out—but in the past couple years, places like Andes, Bovina, Bloomville, and Delhi have become foodie ...

Quality Time at Woolrich Woolen Mills

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Each year, a 30,000+ square foot factory in mid-Pennsylvania churns out tens of thousands of the Woolrich blankets, made in the USA. Because of their dedication to quality, and community, when it was cheaper to move factories overseas, the family-owned company kept their Pennsylvania factory continuously running—even through tough times of war and depression. Earlier this summer, our ...

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