Contemporary Loft-Style Home in Shushan, NY

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Nestled in the woods of Shushan, New York, this contemporary oasis is tailored for modern living. The striking loft-style residence spans across 2.35 acres of picturesque terrain within walking distance to the Battenkill River, 190 miles from New York City. Loft-style residence with two bathrooms | 1,308 square foot home ...

Gramp’s Old School near Saratoga Springs, NY

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This one-room schoolhouse, Gramp's Old School, was originally built in 1850 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. More recently, It's been lovingly restored & renovated by a woman (and her father) whose Grandfather attended this idyllic school in the 1940's.

Motorcyling the Backroads of Vermont

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Vermont is a prime destination for motorcyclists for many reasons. For a small state, there is a seemingly endless supply of gentle, rolling roads that pass through tiny towns and pristine northeastern forests. Add to that generally lovely summer weather, and it’s a perfect prescription for a motorcyclist searching to ...

14 Amazing Vermont Beers

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State 14 is a digital magazine showcasing the makers, farmers, food and folk of today's Vermont. What is it with the Green Mountains and craft beer? Vermont, though relatively sparse in population, holds the distinction of having more craft breweries per capita than any other state. What’s truly amazing is that, of ...

Hermit Thrush Treehouse in West Pawlet, Vermont

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  When Escape Brooklyn is looking for a quick, easy getaway, we head to the Catskills. When we're looking to really get away, though, we head to Vermont. Though our inner New Yorkers hates to admit it, it's just so much more beautiful there! Vermont doesn't allow billboards, neon signs, subdivisions, or roadside ...

A Scenic Roadtrip Through Vermont

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By size, Vermont is the sixth smallest state in the U.S.; it’s also the second least populated. Technically speaking, for city dwellers, there are very few places in North America that are more of an “escape” than a visit to Vermont. But for us, the draw wasn’t only to escape ...

A Trip Down the Middlebury Tasting Trail in Vermont

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Middlebury is a small town in western Vermont where the craft food and drink scene is just as enticing as the scenery. In either direction, you're surrounded by massive mountain ranges–with the mighty Adirondacks to the west, and the lush Green Mountains to the east. And while this tiny town that's tucked between ...

Argyle Cabins in Argyle, NY

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Denny and I are always on the hunt for new, cool places to explore and rest our heads. Though we usually end up in the Catskills and Hudson Valley, a friend recently challenged us to "lay off the Catskills." Up for the challenge, we left our comfort zone and looked north. Real ...

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